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Alga V2

Alga V2 is the result of a number of years of development. Alga was originally designed as a 3D printed pendant light inspired by the molecular structure of Bioluminescent Algae.


Alga V2 was the second iteration of this same design, manufactured through a unique vac-forming process developed over the course of 6 months by Sebastian. Alga V2 consists of a Vacuum formed exterior shell with a glass blown interior diffuser and Brass OEM fittings.

This mood lighting piece was designed as a statement piece which is perfectly suited to be hung over a dining table, over a kitchen bench or in a bathroom setting. The unique exterior casts a subtle shadow while the glass internal diffuser can be customised to suit any colour pallet.

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Lighting Design


Sebastian Damm 



Alga V2 Sebastian Damm Design Studio 15.
Alga V2 Sebastian Damm Design Studio 01.
Alga V2 Sebastian Damm Design Studio 14.
Alga V2 Sebastian Damm Design Studio 05.
Alga V2 Sebastian Damm Design Studio 16.

This product is available in custom colour exterior shells, and glass interiors. 

Lead time subject to availability (If in stock 1-3 weeks if out of stock 8-10)


280 x 280 x 230 mm


HIPS Plastic Shell, Brass OEM Fittings, Hand Blown Glass Interior shell



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