Desultory Sphere Ring

Randomly generated and individually placed, the Desultory sphere ring is born in an unworldly future. The ring consists of hundreds of individually placed spheres rotated around a central axis point to create a truly unique ring.

The design was inspired by the deconstructivism architectural movement of the late 1980's and 90's.

The Desultory sphere ring is an androgynous ring suitable for everyday wear. The ring can be stacked but is designed to be worn as a single statement piece.

The Desultory sphere ring is manufactured using a lost wax casting technique. A wax positive is 3D printed the wax is then placed into a sacrificial mould, melted and removed and then molten 925 Sterling silver is poured into the negative and then polished and finished.

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Jewellery & Object Design


Dot. Stl. Studio



The Desultory Sphere ring is available in standard ring sizes ​6-11 and all other sizes by special order.

The Desultorphy Sphere ring can also be purchased in white, yellow or rose gold 14K. Available upon request.

Designed for Dot.Stl.Studio

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