Norlan Whisky Glass

The Norlan Whisky Glass was designed by Sruli Recht for Norlan. Sebastian assisted in the design and development of the glass as the CAD designer for Sruli at the time.

The Norlan Whisky Glass is a double-wall, glass blown vessel designed to marry the taste and nosing benefits of a sherry glass with the social benefits and familiarity of a tumbler glass. The glass was developed and refined with master whisky distiller Jim McEwan to capture and enhance the complex flavour and aromatics of Whisky.

The glass features 4 aeration protrusions developed through fluid dynamic modelling to improve aeration and thus deliver richer aromas during nosing. These fins help to evaporate the volatile undesirable elements of whisky.

The glass was designed through meticulous research and prototyping regime which involved over 140 iterations, more than 60 3D printed prototypes, interviews, tests and a lot of whisky drinking over the course of 1.5 years.

The Norlan Whisky Glass was launched on Kickstarter in 2015 with over 1075% of its initial pledge goal being contributed. A total of $807,452 USD was raised during this campaign.

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Product Design


Sruli Recht / Norlan



The Norlan whisky glass and its chief designer Sruli Recht has won numerous design awards.


  • 95mm tall

  • 63mm diameter outer rim

  • 38mm square base

  • 125 grams

Designed for Norlan

The Norlan Glass is available for purchase through Norlan's website.

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