Taurus Hexagon XL Ring

Taurus Hexagon XL ring is a large, statement jewellery piece inspired by the geometric, tessellated designs of Islamic tiles. Designed to be worn on the thumb, this androgynous object is deliberately oversized and overstated.

The Hexagonal pattern follows the large revolved form of the ring leaving interesting cavities which catch the light and eye differently from different angles. With age, the cavities within this piece pick up their own unique patinas.

The ring is produced using a 3D printing and lost wax casting technique. This technique combines cutting edge technology and ancient manufacturing techniques. It is this manufacturing technique which defines the visual identity of this ring.

The large size of the ring uses minimal material to create its large surface area. The exterior of this ring is lightly polished, while the interior of the revolved form remains pitted, offering a glimpse into the unique manufacturing technique. 

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Jewellery & Object Design


Sebastian Damm Studio



The Taurus Hexagon RIng is an oversized ring and is available in standard ring sizes ​6-11 and all other sizes by special order.

The Organic ring can also be purchased in white, yellow or rose gold 14K. Available upon request.

Designed for Dot.Stl.Studio

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