Treatment X - Dermatology table

The Treatment X is a three-section table with dual 680mm backrests designed in conjunction with Dermatologists.

Each backrest has an adjustment range of +65° (Fowler position) to -20° (Trendelenburg-like position).

Popular with dermatologists. It is also suitable for a wide range of examination and treatments, including minor procedures, general practice use, consult rooms, specialist treatments, or in any multidisciplinary practice.

The flexible nature of the design makes this table perfect for small examination rooms where access around the table is very limited.

As part of the development of this product, we conducted detailed Ethnographic research, user studies and competitor analysis.

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Product Engineering





The Treatment X was designed in conjunction with leading Dermatologists. 

The table features options including:

  • Removable Patient side supports

  • Exceptional Maximum Height

  • Hospital Grade Castors

  • Trendelenberg-like function


Designed for Athlegen

The Treatment X is available for purchase through Athlegen, Australia's leading treatment table manufacturer.