Echo MB1 & MB2 - Radiology tables

The Echocardiography range is designed to alleviate fatigue and reduce the causes of RSI, common among Sonographers while also improving patient comfort during cardiology and radiography examinations.

The Echo MB1 and Echo MB2 feature a motorised backrest and hinged cardiac sections in either the backrest or main body section. These sections quickly fold away for fast, unobtrusive imaging, and automatically lock in place for added patient security. 


The Echocardiography range features a unique magnetic locking mechanism which offers patient stability while in a locked position and unobtrusive access to Radiographers during ultrasound examinations.

Suitable for a wide range of imaging work including ultrasound, radiology, cardiology and sonography.

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Product Engineering





The Echocardiography range was designed in conjunction with leading industry professionals.


The products were developed over the course of 2 years which included a rigorous 12 month testing and trial period, 4 prototypes and numerous design revisions.

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Designed for Athlegen